Product characteristics

Type SBBW is a hybrid of SSBW and SBNW. It offers best shielding effect.
SBBW : PVC coated tinned copper braid over bronze strip core
Suitable equipment, test measurement equipment, electronic equipment, such as CCTV, notebook PC, industrial control, data collection devices, cell phones, microwaves, repeaters.
Straight connectors, 90° angle connectors, 45° angle connectors, limit switch joint connectors, cannon plug (MS connector) joint connectors, turning connectors.
Bronze, PVC

We are pleased to inform you that our products are well acknowledged as technical-intensive type enterprise or minor enterprise, with KS, UL, CE, EM, ISO, R mark, SINGLE PPM, innovation enterprise in technique, INOBIZ acquisition, appointed as venture enterprise, certification of export prospective minor enterprise, certification of part and material enterprise and soon.

Joon Kwon Bae