Product characteristics

High flexibility · high tension · long life · waterproof · good design · many kinds of connectors for all kinds of industrial machines, NC and MC-machines, machine tools, plants. usable temperature from –15°C~+120°C (KCPC: -50°C~+125°C, oil and chemical resistant by special order)
Straight connector 45° 90° angle connector Cannon plug(MS connector) joint connector Combination connector Limit switch joint connectors(straight, 45°/90° angle).
KCP:H.D.G steel strip / vinyl sheathing KCPY:H.D.G steel strip / yarn seal / vinyl sheathing KCPS:SUS / vinyl sheathing KCPC:H.D.G steel strip / vinyl sheathing KCPG:H.D.G steel strip / bonding strip / vinyl sheathing
Wound metal conduits with engaged profile made of high grad zinced steel strip, with yarn seal(KCPY) or bonding strip(KCPG), with black vinyl sheathing. (gray by special order)

We are pleased to inform you that our products are well acknowledged as technical-intensive type enterprise or minor enterprise, with KS, UL, CE, EM, ISO, R mark, SINGLE PPM, innovation enterprise in technique, INOBIZ acquisition, appointed as venture enterprise, certification of export prospective minor enterprise, certification of part and material enterprise and soon.

Joon Kwon Bae